Hidradenitis suppurativa can be very different for each patient, and although there is currently no cure for the condition, some treatments can offer some level of relief and control. Unfortunately not every treatment will work for every patient, so treatment can often be a process of trial and error.


It is important to remember that your physician will not know always which treatment will be best suited to you, so although this can be frustrating, patients will often face a long period of trialing different treatment options before you find the one that works best for you.

Generally, the first physician that a patient will speak to about the condition is their own General Practitioner. GPs are limited in the treatment options that they can offer, and will often wish to rule out other conditions and secondary infections. The most common treatments prescribed by the GP will be oral antibiotics, topical creams and antimicrobial washes. Further information about these can be found in the Treatments from your GP section of this website.

If your GP has not been able to find a treatment that works well, then the GP will refer a patient to a dermatologist at either a local hospital, or the nearest specialist HS clinic. A dermatologist will have access to other treatment options such as biological therapies or surgical intervention, but again this area of treatment is often a process of trial and error. Some examples of treatments that may be offered by your dermatologist, can be found on the Treatments from your dermatologist section of this website.