As well as striving to improve the lives of patients through education, support and awareness, an important aspect of our work involves liaising with various research committees and pharmaceutical companies. It is our view that patients should always be at the forefront of research, and as such, we always ensure that both patient involvement, and patient needs are always a high priority with those conducting any studies.  

Another priority for us is the introduction of HS Research Grants, allowing us to offer grants to those wishing to conduct research into hidradenitis suppurativa causes and treatments. We hope to announce the availability of these funds soon, as well as how to apply. Preference will always be given to those wishing to look further into our Top 10 Research Priorities.

Overall, our main research aim is to find a suitable long-lasting treatment or cure for this condition, and with your help and support, we remain hopeful that we will achieve this in the future.