Our Logo

Our new logo has been designed to be crisp, simple and to the point. It is the most important part of our organisation, it is more that just a name, it identifies who we are.

When using our logo, you must remember to clearly state that the event you are holding is "in aid of" The Hidradenitis Suppurativa Trust, this shows that the Trust is not responsible or liable for your event. Feel free to download our logo by clicking on the image opposite.

For us, blue is the colour of choice, with Navy blue and Sky blue used throughout The HS Trust. Our logo should always consists of the two shades of blue, unless it appears on a blue background, where it will be printed white. Only ever use the logo in black when black and white printing is unavoidable, such as press ads. 

The technical bit


Dark Blue -

Hex #0269B4

RGB 2/105/180

Light Blue -

Hex #85CBFE

RGB 133/203/254