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Dear members, followers and partners,

As a small charity with limited staff resource, in light of Covid-19 and after careful consideration by the trustees, we have taken the decision to pause all activity from this date until we are in a better position. We have not taken this decision lightly and are aware that as people with HS we all have concerns about our health but we also need to safeguard our staff at this time and take relevant precautions.

At this time, we advise everyone to follow the official advice and guidance from Public Health England and use the appropriate channels for mental and physical health support and wish all of our supporters the very best in these difficult times and hope to be back up and running in due course.


In terms of activity please note the following;

  • For any essential communications there will be delays in responses and we will only be able to respond to business critical enquiries.

  • The telephone helpline and email support will close and again we remind people of the range on line and telephone support that is available more generally.

  • The Facebook chat page will be suspended as we are unable to moderate this and there are a number of other social media platforms which enable people to share their experiences and seek social support.

  • We will be unable to send out hard copy information and advise people to go to the website directly for information.

  • All direct face to face support groups will be cancelled until further notice.

  • Anyone who has paid a membership fee will have this refunded from this month forward; the associated membership benefits such as the newsletter, at this time will cease.


Once again we have not taken this decision lightly, we apologise for the inconvenience caused by this although are appreciative of the digital age we live in and that we can all access support virtually. Staff will be in the office until Friday lunch time this week to respond to urgent queries unless government advice changes. Best wishes to you all and we hope to be back up and running as soon as we can.

Staff and Trustees of the HS Trust.

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