Join the hundreds that have already chosen to support us through organising their fundraiser, and help us to raise much needed funds to improve the lives of those living with HS. Don't know where to begin? Well it doesn't need to be a huge event, and to help you, we've got an A-Z of inspirational ideas to get you started.

All day event - Ask your local pub or sports club if they can arrange a 24-hour sponsored event such as darts, squash or bridge.

Abseil for charity

Bring a Pound into Work - Simply ask your colleagues to each bring a pound into work in aid of the charity you are raising money for.

Barbecue - Hold a charity barbecue and charge people to come to your party.

Book Sale - Dig out all those old books and have a book sale at home or at work.


Car Boot Sale - Get all those unwanted items stashed in the back of cupboards or in your loft and sell them at a car boot sale.

Coffee Morning - Get all friends together and have a coffee morning, it's a great way to catch up on all the gossip!

Charge for favours - Every time someone asks if you would do a favour, charge him or her.

Car wash - Ask everyone in your street if you can wash their car

Cookie bake - Bake some cookies and sell them to the people in your street.


Dinner Dance - Have a band, good food, organise a raffle and/or an auction.

Dress Down Day - Ideal if you work in an office.


Football Tournament


Golf Match - Organise a charity golf day.


Hats - Get everyone at work to wear a silly hat to work for a day.

Head Shave - Sponsor someone to shave their head.


Ice Cream - How much ice cream can you eat in a minute? Ask people to sponsor you and find out.


Karaoke Evening - Ask a local pub to host a Karaoke night for you and charge people to get in or take part.

Lunch Money - Ask all your colleagues to bring in sandwiches for their lunch and donate the money they saved to charity.


Match the pet to the owner competition - Ask your colleagues to bring in one photo of themselves and one of their pet. Charge people £1 a time to match up all the photographs


No Smoking - Get people to sponsor you for giving up cigarettes.

No Drinking - Revitalise your body and give up the bottle for a few weeks - ask people to sponsor you.


Open Day - If you have a colourful garden, let all those garden lovers come and admire, for a charge.

Online auction Publicity - Send a press release to all your local papers asking for sponsorship from companies and individuals.


Photography competition - Invite your friends to get their baby photos out and pay £1.00 a go to 'guess the baby'.

Parachute Jump


Quiz Nights - always a favourite whether it is at home at work, in a club or in your local. Charge people to take part.


Race night - Hold a race night.


Run the marathon

Recycle for cash


Shocking sock/tie day - Those who take part are asked to donate £1.

Sweepstake - Run a sweepstake on how many times your boss gets a cup a tea or how may times your colleague leaves their desk during the day. £1.00 to have a go.


Treasure Hunt - A challenge event for people, and a fun way to raise big money.

Tombola - Get some raffle tickets and persuade your friends and colleagues to donate prizes.


Variety Show - Round up your talented friends and tread the boards, charging for admission.


Wine Tasting 


Want to start collecting donations? Set up a VirginMoneyGiving fundraising page - it takes just a few minutes. Your supporters can donate securely online and the money comes straight to us.



Our fundraising pack has everything you need - it's full of ideas, helpful tips and handy materials. Order or download a pack and get support from our team. Let us support you with your fundraising.

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