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The Basics - This leaflet is intended to provide you with a basic understanding regarding Hidradenitis Suppurativa, including information on symptoms, common treatments, surgical procedures and self management tips. Click here to download

The Physical Side - This leaflet gives general information about the different physical effects that Hidradenitis Suppurativa can have on a patient, from itching to intimacy issues. Click here to download

The Emotional Side - The Emotional side of HS can be very complex, and can affect patients in a variety of ways, this 8 page leaflet touches on looking after yourself emotionally, including some mindfulness tips to help you. Click here to download

Pain Management - Pain can be very difficult to manage, and can contribute to the emotional distress associated with the condition. This information looks at ways to help to cope with this pain. Click here to download

Employment and HS - Trying to work while suffering from HS can be difficult, particularly if at the more severe stages of the condition. Here we touch on your rights as an employee, and help for those who cannot continue with employment. Click here to download