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September 2009

A special thank you to Elle Golby from Normanton Freeston Business and Enterprise College for her efforts in raising £111 by a raffle for HS.

September 2009

BAHS launches the HS Support Team (HSST) enabling qualified medical support for patients, doctors and BAHS.

September 2009

A partnership has been formed with Envirocharities, part of the Eazyfone group, enabling easy and secure donation through mobile phone recycling.

September 2009

We become members of the fundraising standards board, allowing our supporters to give with confidence.

September 2009

Our Appreciation goes out to Liverpool FC, Blackburn Rovers FC, F1 team Red Bull, Mr James May, Barbara Windsor and Sir Stirling Moss for their generosity.

August 2009

We are interviewed on TippFm, providing information on HS for County Tipperary, Ireland.

March 2009

We are interviewed for the Kent Messenger and Medway Extra newspapers, and on KMFM radio station.

March 2009

BAHS accepted as a member of the Skin Care Campaign.

February 2009

The British Association for Hidradenitis Suppurativa becomes a UK Registered Charity, no.1128167

January 2009

BAHS is mentioned in the Wakefield Express newspaper, with brief explanation of HS from a sufferer.

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