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Charity information reviewer

Every now and then we update our patient information, this can take the form of a leaflet, webpage, or poster. It's important that we get the information correct, and that it can be easily understood by the patients, so with this in mind, we are looking for a limited number of volunteers to assist with the peer reviews of our public information before it goes to print.

What's involved in this role?

  • You will be reading through our pre-published media, and providing constructive feedback based on content and layout

Do I need any experience or skills for this role?

  • Previous experience is preferred but not essential
  • Must have good knowledge of the english language
  • Must be able to be contactable via email
  • Be able to return review within required time


Home-based position


When required, typically 1-2 hrs per task


Please email us at to apply for this position

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