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Collection tin co-ordinator

It's not unusual to go into your local shop, and see a charity collection tin sitting there on the counter next to the till, but we would love to see more of these tins with our name on them. So we are looking for volunteers to assist with the placement and management of our branded countertop collection tins, so if you have a little the spare time to help us out, this role could be for you.

What's involved in this role?

  • You will be required to approach local shops and businesses, asking permission to place our branded, sealed tins on there premises
  • Be responsible for collecting and re-sealing the tins on a regular basis
  • You will record and return any donations to us
  • Be responsible for keeping records of each tin location and collection dates

Do I need any experience or skills for this role?

  • No previous experience is required, as full training will be provided
  • Must be polite, approachable and be confident with speaking to business owners
  • Must be reliable and respectable
  • Must have knowledge of us and the work we do


Community based. Various locations throughout the UK


As often as you can


Please email us at to apply for this position

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